Minister for Employment Hon. Jone usamate receives courtesy call from HE Ambassador Mr Sujiro Seam of the Fiji's Embassy of France
MOU signed between FNPF and Ministry of Employment Productivity and Industrial Relations
Minister for Employment, Hon. Jone Usamate meets with employer Tradestaff to recruit more Fijian Carpenters to Christchurch, New Zealand – 04.09.2017
Signing of the Memorandum of Agreement between Fijian Government and Tuvalu Government – 12.07.2017
Minister for Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations, Hon. Jone Usamate with WHO consultants and participants for the Occupational Health Services and Hygiene Training at Southern Cross Hotel - 02.05.2017
Minister for Employment addressing Tikina of Deuba on recruitment and selection for Seasonal Work - 13.03.2017
Opening of OHS DAY 2017 - 28.04.2017
ACP Workshop 2017-2018 - 21.07.2017
The Permanent Secretary for Employment, Mrs Salaseini Daunabuna opened the MOA Signing between Fijian Government and Tuvalu Government at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Conference Room - 12.07.2017
Minister for Employment, Hon. Jone Usamate meets with FHEC and Malaysian delegates 06.09.2017
Launch of the First Occupational Health and Safety and Occupational Health Services Profile of Fiji 2017 – 28.04.2017
The Permanent Secretary for Employment Mrs Salaseini Daunabuna opened the MOA Signing at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Conference Room


    The National Employment Centre operates under the National Employment Centre ACT 2009. This National institution is responsible for providing skills training and finding Employment Opportunities for the unemployed as a "One Stop" Shop. It is guided by the National Employment Centre Board NECB which provides oversight functions for decision undertaken by the centre.The NEC is part of Government’s response to address the Millennium Development Goals, Goal 1 - eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, and the 2009 Read More

    The successful OHS Reform model in Fiji has been internationally recognized and promoted by ILO over the years. Lately, under the auspices of the ILO South Pacific Office, Fiji's model has been adopted in PNG where the Ministry has been successful completed PNG's draft OHS bill last year. Read More

    The Labour Standards Service is responsible for the promotion of fundamental principles and rights at work standards, and the compliance functions of the Employment Relations Promulgation 2007 (ERP) and its subsidiary Regulations, including the ten Wages Regulation Orders. Read More

    Read More

    The successful Employment Relations Reform implemented under the ERP resulted in the commissioning of the Mediation Service in 2009. The mediation service has consistently achieved an employment grievance settlement rate of at least 80% since inception which is higher than the international best practice benchmark of 75%. The mediators of the mediation service have been professionally trained and accredited by the Singapore Mediation Service which is amongst the top four mediation Services in the world. The Ministry is also promoting its successful mediation model globally and amongst regional countries as an effective approach to promote peace, not only in workplaces, but also in the families, communities, judicial, commercial, trade, consumer and international arena. Last year it was also promoted in Pang’s Employment Relation and Industrial Relations Reforms. Apart from resolving grievances and disputes amicably between parties without any cost (or minimal cost), Mediation boost Conflict Resolution Capacity and Productivity and Read More
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World OHS Day Celebration
Tuesday, 17 April 2018
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